The Provision School

Mission and Vision


The Provision School is a faith-based, non-profit organization with a two-fold purpose:

  1. The first purpose is to provide counseling services for families and individuals.
  2. The second is a therapeutic learning environment that encompasses the benefits of counseling services and individualized education for students of varying needs and abilities.


In Webster’s dictionary, the word Provision is defined as “equipping one for life’s journey”. At The Provision School, our goal is to create a faith-based environment for students that allows them to experience Grace, Hope and Love that will equip them for whatever they may encounter in their life’s journey. It is a school for students that are struggling in public, private or home school situations, and need a more individualized, small group setting where their emotional, physical, behavioral and educational needs will be met throughout the day. The goal and hope of the school is that each student would be instructed in an environment that feels safe and secure, encourages their individual strengths, allows them to experience grace if they fail, and problem-solve with peers and adults in a trusted environment so that they may leave more prepared to be a meaningful member of society.

The school is based on special education principles, meeting each student’s needs at their current level. It’s highly structured with high expectations for behavior and academics balanced with strong therapeutic care and positive reinforcement.

Provision is different than any other school in the Lexington area. Its approach goes beyond simple academics, by equipping and educating students and families to create a complete therapeutic experience that bridges both home and school.

We do this through a multifaceted approach using:

  • Special and Regular Education Certified Teachers
  • Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Counselor
  • Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) Principles
  • Crisis Prevention Intervention (CPI®) Trained Teachers/Counselor
  • Current Best Practices in Curriculum Development and Implementation

Application Process


The Provision School is currently accepting applications for grades K-8th!!

Due to the uniqueness of The Provision School, an extensive application and interview process is required.

Steps to Applying:

  1. Fill Out Application: Include completed application, signed appropriate use policy and faith statement, copy of birth certificate, immunization, any previous IEP’s/504’s, any documentation from previous schools or adoption, etc. There is also a $150 non-refundable application fee.
  2. Parent/Student Interview with School: We will contact you as soon as all of your paperwork has been received and reviewed and set up a time to test your student and interview the family. The interview needs to be with the whole family. We encourage both spouses (even in a divorce situation) to be present for the interview.
  3. Official Contract: After the interview and testing, we will decide if your student is a good fit for The Provision School. Once that has been determined, we will offer you an official contract after the interview and testing. You will return the contract signed and with $350 the curriculum fee. After curriculum is ordered, the $350 cannot be refunded.

*A student’s placement will be determined based on age, grade, and results from the interview and testing sessions. Parents will be a key part of making this decision.

**The Provision School does not discriminate on basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability.


Our vision for The Provision School is to be a resource for students and families that need help! This is why we have extensively researched nearby schools and similar schools around the country. We have based our tuition on the average costs for schools in the Lexington area in hopes to provide an affordable option for families in need.


$8750 (tuition) + $500 (curriculum fee due with contract)

Another way we wish to assist families is by offering two payment options:

  1. Pay the full tuition due by the first day of classes (July 26th, 2017) and receive a 3% discount ($262) on the overall tuition (this does not include the $500 curriculum fee).
  2. Pay a 12-month payment plan that will be an automatic electronic withdrawal on the 1st of every month beginning on  July 1st, 2017 and ending on June 1st, 2018. **Information for enrollment in this program will go home when a contract is offered.


Statement of Faith

The Provision School STATEMENT OF FAITH

  1. We believe that God is THE Provision for our vision.
  2. We believe the Bible to be inspired, the only infallible, authoritative, inerrant Word of God, and that it is good for teaching and reproaching.
  3. We believe that our morality, integrity and choices in life should be rooted in Biblical principles.
  4. We believe that God calls us to have a heart for those who cannot defend or speak for themselves; to stand up for the orphans and the widows; and to act justly, love mercy, and seek justice.
  5. We believe God is a God of grace, hope and love, that these are part of WHO He is and that He calls us to be like Him.
  6. We believe prayer matters and can change hearts, minds and circumstances.
  7. We believe The Provision School and Family Counseling Center, Inc., is a ministry meant to serve and help children and families in need.
  8. We believe that each student, no matter his or her family history, past experiences or religious affiliation, is valuable, important and welcome.

By completing an application to The Provision School, you are certifying that you understand that The Provision School is a faith-based, Christ-centered school, and that although we do not discriminate based on religious affiliation, there will be times that the name of Jesus, references to God or scripture and/or prayer may be used during the school day.

Download and print


Before applying to The Provision School, please take a moment to read through our School Handbook. This program only works when we have the full agreement and participation from all members of the families of our students.

*Print out the last 4 pages and include in your application.

2017-2018 School Calendar

The Provision School operates on a year-round schedule. This allows our students longer breaks throughout the year with a shortened summer break. We are doing this in hopes of increased retention that so often occurs in students and to help make the school year less stressful for everyone.

The Provision School attempts to follow Fayette County Public Schools’ calendar, however, in order to meet our student’s needs best, we have chosen to alter parts of the schedule for this upcoming year. Our year-round schedule does follow the breaks of Fayette Co, but we will have extended time off.

When there is inclement weather, we will follow Fayette County Public Schools, this includes delays and snow days, but we reserve the right to call extra days or delays as needed for our facility.

Upcoming Events

No events are currently scheduled


Join Our Team

Interested in working for The Provision?


We are always looking for volunteers to help in our front office and school. Please fill out the Volunteer Application if you are interested in helping our organization.


We are currently looking to hire:

  • Substitute Teacher(s)
  • Classroom Aide

Please fill out the Employment Application and submit to to apply.

Wish List

The Provision is so grateful for all the people that donate to our school and counseling agency. We could not do this without the tireless work of our parents and volunteers and the generous donations of our partners.

If you wish to partner with our agency through volunteering or donations, check out some of our immediate needs/wants, most of them have been added to a Wish List on Amazon to make ordering items that much easier. Just Click and buy!!

Please send all donations directly to our offices at:

The Provision School
Attn: Jennie McKindles
128 Dennis Drive
Lexington, KY 40503

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