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Who Are We?

We are ONE business that serves TWO purposes. We are both a counseling agency that services individual, family, or children from the greater Lexington area, and a therapeutic learning environment that works with students that have struggled in traditional school.

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Vision & Mission


To provide a Christ-centered, grace-filled environment that celebrates individual strengths and equips our students for life’s journey.


The Provision School is a mission-based therapeutic individualized learning environment, providing care for students and their families where emotional, physical, behavioral, and educational needs are met.

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What We Offer

Psychotherapy session

for individuals, families, & children.

At The Provision, we offer counseling not just to our students, but to individuals, families, and children from our greater community.

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for K-12 students.

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Smiling Little Girl Talks to a Cheerful Child Psychotherapist during a Therapy Session in the Office.

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301 Harvard Drive

Lexington, KY 40517

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(859) 396-0644