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Dave Hunter


Dave Hunter was a pastor in the United Methodist Church in

New Jersey for 10 years. During that time he became interested in becoming a military chaplain, and in July of 1990, he was accession-

ed into the New Jersey Air National Guard. Dave served as a chaplain

there for 4 years and then felt called to join the Army as an active duty chaplain. While serving in a combat zone there was a real sense that spiritual care was not enough for intense counseling issues and so Dave went to school to get his master's in counseling at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Dave has served as a hospice chaplain and is acquainted with the difficult process of leading people in the midst of grief. He and his wife have experienced the heartache of losing an adult child themselves. Dave has also served as a drug and alcohol counselor since 2014.

Dave has been married for 39 years and retired from the military in 2019 after serving for 29 years. Dave has 5 children (all grown now) and has navigated the difficult years of raising them. Dave loves being a grandfather and also enjoys pets/plants and refinishing furniture. Dave also loves all kinds of food and feels blessed to have a chef as a son and a future daughter-in-law who is also a chef.

Dave is comfortable with talking to people from all walks of life. He is not judgmental and will offer whatever modality of counseling that is best suited to the individual client from spiritual to evidence-based clinical models. Dave is easy to get to know and makes building a trusting relationship with him as a therapist almost effortless.