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Our Code of Conduct

The Provision School is more than just an academic setting. It is a therapeutic learning environment that is meant to create felt safety (physically and emotionally) for our students. In order to fulfill the vision and mission of this program, we want our students and families to commit to the techniques and strategies that we employ to make our program unique with a positive lasting impact on those who actively choose to follow the steps.

In order to honor the integrity of the program, we are asking our families to commit to following our Code of Conduct, which outlines the specific character traits and behavioral choices we are aiming for our students to live out actively while completing their time at The Provision School.

Students and guardians must acknowledge their understanding of what standards they will be held to while enrolled at The Provision School.

Students and families that are not able to adhere to the requirements of our program and are causing harm, distraction, or an unsafe environment (emotionally or physically) will be asked to leave the program.

The administration will also use this Code of Conduct to determine if there are students that have behaviors that do not align with our program. The Provision School reserves the right to not invite them to return the following school year at their discretion even if that student has not been put on academic and /or behavioral probation.







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