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Meet the Director

Jennie McKindles, M.A., Ed.S.


Director of Education

Ms. McKindles has over 15 years of teaching experience in both public

and private schools. During her years of teaching, she often found herself

consulting with Ms. Joan (our Director of Counseling) about the best way to meet the emotional needs of her classroom. As she became more aware of the holistic needs of her students, her heart as an educator began to shift and change. Instead of just caring about student's academic progress, she began to want to meet them where they were at and provide for their social, emotional, behavioral, and academic needs.

When Ms. Joan approached her with the idea to start a school, Ms. McKindles agreed immediately! She knew that what she felt called to do in an educational setting didn't look like a traditional school. After being exposed to TBRI at a conference, she knew if schools would use that modality, children's lives would be changed! Thus began the flame that has turned into The Provision.

Using her own history as a struggling learner and individual with AD/HD, Ms. McKindles approaches learning at The Provision School from a place of compassion and understanding for all students.

When Ms. McKindles isn't working, she is also the mother of 2 wonderful children, an avid baker, and loves volunteering in the Middle School ministry at church.